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Youth Motivational Speaker for School Assemblies & Teen Leadership Conferences since 1992!

Youth Motivatioanal Speaker

Jeff Yalden is over six feet tall and weighs 320 lbs.  He is bald, has tattoos, and earrings.  He’s earned the title, “One of the worlds toughest motorcycle riders”, and he looks the part…but that’s where the scary stuff ends.  He has made a career of working with teens, parents, and educators.  He is at his best before a live audience of young people, with his real-world understanding of the issues they face.  He’s not the Muppets, and he’s not Disney (don’t expect him to be) …he makes a connection with teens and young adults that is palpable and real.  Edgy, but always age and audience appropriate, his talks penetrate the barriers that prevent honest communication.

In a shopping mall or on the street, some people might mistake Jeff for the type of person you’d tell your kids to stay away from.   Don’t be fooled.  Jeff’s uplifting message comes through loud and clear.  Jeff doesn’t change who he is for anyone.  Ask the the client in Asia who invited Jeff to be their keynote speaker when they asked Jeff to take out his earrings and cover his tattoos.  Jeff stated, “I think we should cancel our visit together, because I don’t compromise who I am or what I say, to be accepted!”  They agreed that they were asking Jeff to change and Jeff wasn’t willing to be anything less than who he is . . .  He is real.  He is funny.  He is one of the most grateful and appreciative people you’ll ever meet…and he passes this attitude on to the audience, every time.  The result is that your audience will love him!  They will love him because finally he is a breathe of fresh air to a weary populace.

He is a man whose mantra is “Attitude, Gratitude, and Acceptance!”  But success did not come easily…

While in High School, Jeff never thought of himself as smart or competent enough to attend college.  After scoring so low on his SAT’s that he was ineligible to play sports, Jeff temporarily abandoned the idea of attending college.  Shortly after graduation, in which he ranked 128th out of 133 students, Jeff realized that a transformation was possible.  Through hard work and reflection, his life changed.  In time, Jeff’s true personality and potential emerged.  He became “Mr. New Hampshire Male America” and then was elected “Mr. Personality” in the Mr. Male America Pageant.  After his one year of serving his state and representing Mr. Male America Pageants, Jeff heard his country’s call.  He decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.

The next four years was some of the toughest years of his life.  Jeff got married and had two kids before he was 21 years old.  Jeff served in the Gulf War, where he and his fellow Marines faced difficult challenges.  The challenges continued after returning home, but on April 30, 1994, Jeff was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps at the rank of Corporal.

Jeff chose to go into teaching and became a full-time substitute teacher at Hollis-Brookline High School in Hollis, New Hampshire.  He also coached soccer and basketball.  This is where his career really took off in speaking and working with teens and families.  Jeff realized that by sharing his life experiences and positive outlook with others, he was able to make a difference in the lives of young people.  He had found his passion, and it is reflected to this day.

Youth Motivational SpeakerToday, Jeff is regarded as the most experienced teen and youth motivational speaker in all of North America.  He has been featured on the MTV cable network, in an episode of the popular “MTV MADE” series.  Jeff speaks to high school and middle school assemblies, teen leadership events, youth conferences, teen/youth events, college orientations, bullying programs, and suicide awareness events, at-risk teen conferences, gang interventions, teacher in-service programs, educational conferences, and community programs.  Jeff will be happy to help you facilitate any teen event you are planning.

When it comes to teen events, Jeff is an expert.  Jeff will make any teen event a HUGE success and the audience will love his presentation.  He’s real, and he connects, because he has been there.  He genuinely cares, and the audience knows it.  Administrators and teachers are amazed as their students sit in rapt attention, listening to Jeff’s message of positive change.

Simply stated – Hundreds of conferences, thousands of schools, and scores of communities have hired Jeff to come to their event, to really, truly reach their teens.  That is what Jeff does…better than anyone.



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