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It seems today that when I speak to High School or Middle School Administrators the issue that comes up is facebook issues involving their students.  Every Monday morning sets the tone for the day as each Principal has to address the issues over their high schools or middle school students and their actions on Facebook.  I am excited to address this.

First, teachers and administrators have a lot more important things to do with their day than to deal with childish issues involving teenagers and their Facebook pages.  Where are the parents?  Do you monitor what your children do online, what they say, and who their friends are?  Parents need to get more involved and you can step in and correct most of these problems before they even become bigger problems.  Enough said!  Parents, GET INVOLVED and know your children(s) password and always have access to their account and what they are doing or shut it down.  Let’s go back a step or two and teach our teens about how to use social media and what is and what isn’t appropriate.

Now, let me speak to the teenagers about bullying and cyber bullying.  This issue is only going to get worse.  I can’t address the bully because the bully is so caught up in themselves that nothing I say will convince them otherwise.  Furthermore, I don’t want to waste my time with some teenager that is acting immaturely and bullying people on the Facebook or the internet.  I want to address the ones that want help and want to know how to deal with this.  Bullying has always been a part of our youths lives and it will always be a part of our youth lives.  It even happens with adults.

Here are 3 Steps in dealing with Bullying:

1.  Ignore It!  I know you are thinking, “But Jeff, you don’t understand.  I can’t ignore it because it will keep happening and you don’t understand.”  Yes, I do understand and Yes, it will keep happening . . . For a period of time.  Listen, when you respond and let the bully know you are being effected by their words or actions than you have basically said, “YOU GOT ME!”  You can’t let them know they are effecting you.  You have to ignore it and move on.  Remember the 4 C’s – Stay Cool, Stay Calm, Stay Collected, and always Stay in Control.  Don’t respond.  Don’t retaliate.  Don’t fight back with words or fists.  Ignore them . . .  Move on.  Move away.  Change seats.  Change buses.

If it is on Facebook and you are being bullied than do this:

1.  Delete the comment or post

2.  Block them as friends

That is it!  Easy . . . Now be happy.

2.  Don’t Give the Bully Power over You.  That is all.  Why should someone else have power over how you think, feel, act, and what you might do?  Don’t let the bully know that they are effecting you.  Don’t give the bully power over your personal emotions.  Turn your head, walk away and surround yourself with positive people that add to your life.

3.  If you are being bullied by text, Facebook, email, or in school.  Keep a journal and write it all down.  Write down times, their actions, words, behaviors, thoughts, etc.  Have a journal and keep track of everything.  Remember the first two steps I talked about and follow through.  When you continue to get bullied have a journal that has everything lined up so that when you do report them to parents, guidance counselors, or administration you are now giving them concrete evidence that this is happening.  Your parents and school can’t go on what you say.  You have to show them what is going on.  Write it down.

Ok, now listen, you have to focus less on what the bully does and more on how you are going to respond to the bullying and the bullies.  Don’t give them power over you.  Don’t let this effect your self-esteem.  This should have nothing on how you feel about yourself.  Self esteem comes from within and not by what others might say and do.

Also remember, it will get better.  This won’t last forever.  Bullies have low self-esteem and have issues they are dealing with themselves.  Don’t wish bad or retaliate back.  Don’t fight.  Just turn your head, ignore, and walk away.  When the bully realizes their words or actions are going nowhere they will find another victim.

Don’t be the victim in this childish game of bullying and cyber-bullying.  Stand up for yourself by being more mature and doing the right thing.

** Jeff Yalden speaks at high school assemblies and middle school assemblies nearly 150 times a year.  He is one of the most sought after youth motivational speakers in the world today.  Visit Jeff at for more information on how Jeff can come to your school.

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