Youth Motivational Speaker shares Testimonials from Central Mountain High School’s School Assembly

Youth Speaker speaks at Central Mountain High School

Recently, I had the opportunity of speaking at Central Mountain High School in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania.  We had two high school assemblies that were amazing.

This is a school that was made famous by the Jerry Sandusky travesty that rocked a nations sports scene and tarnished Joe Paterno and Penn State Universities reputation.  This is a school where a lot has been written about the bullying being so bad, that the student in the Jerry Sandusky abuse allegations had to move schools.  This saddens my heart that students can be so hateful.  However, I would like to interject here and give my two cents.

Every school has their issues and every school will continue to have their issues.  We need to teach our kids about life and not spend so much time teaching our kids about how to take a test.  We have a profound impact on our teens every day we engage them.  To that student that had to change schools, I am sorry that you left and I am sorry for the bullying and abuse you had to go through.  I wish you were there at my program, but I understand.

This past week, I had the awesome honor of speaking at Central Mountain High School in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania and they were an awesome group of students.  I spoke there on the day after my best friend (my dog Chase) died unexpectantly.  Here are some of the words from the students and staff of my visit:

Testimonials from a Recent High School Assembly – Central Mountain High School, Mill Hall, PA

Students -

“You are the coolest motivational speaker I’ve ever met. At the start of the presentation, I was wondering who was going to be speaking, I look left and I see this badass walking up the stage . . . coolest thing ever!” – K. Major, Student

“Thank you Jeff for coming to our school. This was exactly what our school needed and you gave it to us.” – T. Dunkle, Student

“I am so inspired, and I wish you the best!” – M. Trayes, Student

“You were just what our school needed to put love in our hearts and leave hate behind. I think if you were a teacher you would be the greatest the world has ever known.” – B.Summerson, Student

“You have opened my eyes, and many others’ eyes, to see the true meaning of life.  Don’t quit what you do, your words impact everyone whether they may show it or not. You did an awesome job!” – V. Marie, Student

“You might just be my hero. No words can express how thankful I am to have heard your story. – K. MacAndrew, Student

“Everything you said today is going to stay in my mind for the rest of my life.”   – C. Smith, Student

“Your stories were sad, but still turned to have us all laughing.” – J. Sauterman

Staff -

“As a faculty member of CM I can assure you that your words were as powerful for the adults as they were for our students. I have witnessed many assemblies over the years but nothing begins to rival the message that you delivered today. Your words were powerful because it was obvious that they came from your heart. God Bless you and your family. It would be an honor to have you back sometime in the future. Best wishes.” – Scott Baker, Faculty Member

“As an adult at your assembly Friday, I’ll let you know you made Jimmy V proud. Myself and so many in that auditorium laughed, thought, and were moved to tears. What a positive message you bring to people every where you go.” – Terri Thompson Probst, Faculty Member

I want to personally thank each and every student that allowed my words to touch your heart.  I am grateful every opportunity I get to speak.  Thanks again.

Jeff Yalden

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