Opening Hearts and Touching Lives at JHS 194. What Students Are Saying About Teen Speaker Jeff Yalden

After his speech to a group of high school students in Whitestone, NY, Teen Speaker Jeff Yalden received a kind letter from a student thanking him for opening her heart. The letter was shared on Instagram and the comments came pouring in:

@paula455: Someone who has never been disappointed has no experience. That’s one of the many things that I will always remember from your speech.

@finding_joey_: I was here today, thank you I don’t know how it feels but I do feel your doing a great job for kids and your kids.

@christinzcx_: Me and many people in our school are glad that youve come today. You made a big impact on all of us, and have really changed our hearts. Stay strong, I really loved your story, im sure it moved all of us. Thanks again for coming today :)

@aullie_xx: If my mother could meet you, she would be very proud since there are not a lot of parents that love their child with special needs. I truly wish I could meet your son Joshua. What my friend Edona wrote was right. For all of us. You have opened our hearts, Mr. Yalden. I can never thank you enough. I’ll never forget today… And no matter what, keep it together, Jeff. :)

>@fligirl27: I am sooooo thankful for your presentation today it really gave me a whole other perspective of life and made me realize how thankful I am for what I got thank you soooooooo much @jeffyalden

@sky____xx: Thank u so much for opening my heart and my mind

@dm_x3: Your words are strong Jeff. They made me emotional, listening to what you said. It did have an impact on people and I would like to thank you for this special day. Everyday when I wake up, I’ll be thankful for it. And my goal everyday is to not be disappointed of the expectations. Take time to think ☺️ thank you for visiting us @jeffyalden

@ashley3649: Thank u jeff ur words are strong. Now i know that every time i wake up and look at the mirror i know im beatuiful in the inside and outside thank you for today

@shutupurlike4: I cried so much today. I have to learn how to forgive and forget in order to move on…thank you

@russell_riescher: thanks for visiting my school today you really changed the way i look at things now, in a positive way of course and i thank you for that @jeffyalden

@daryaa8: You r so inspiring, you literally brought me to tears. Your story was very touching, thank you so much for sharing this with us. You really taught me a lot today an changed my life

@daryaa8: You really did open my heart

@haa__a: Thank you for coming to 194 today

Author:Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker

Youth Motivational Speaker & Teen Life Coach. Since 1992, Jeff Yalden has been mesmerizing audiences with his engaging style and passion. Jeff is a story-teller that every where he speaks, he guarantees he is real and in the moment, perfect for every audience. He is one of a kind. He's interactive and nobody pours as much energy and passion into their programs that Jeff does. Guaranteed, Jeff will be a defining moment and a highlight of your students lives.

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