“Jeff, you presented on the Northwest Iowa Community College campus in April 2011.   I have honestly received several verbal and email request to have you return. While I have been in this position, that has never happened.  You reach the students like know one else can.  My own personal story is that my daughter wore home the bracelet she received and her older brother, a Junior in high school,  liked it so much he went to your web site, read your material and purchased  a package of bracelets to give to his friends.  I had Moms telling me how wonderful it was to have a high school student do that for their son/daughter.  My junior was affected by talking to his younger sister. Wow, your message just keeps on growing.” – Donna Ascherl, Northwest Iowa Community College Career Day Program

“I’m still thinking about his speech. Can’t get over it. Amazing.” – Twitter Post

“Without a doubt, the greatest, most moving speech I have ever heard.” – Twitter Post

“The thanks is all for you my friend. Thank you so much for making my project a success and my dream a reality. I think the students really liked you and they connected with you in a way I have never seen before. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing them pay so much attention to someone. I couldn’t have done this without you and I am overflowing with thanks. I hope that someone will take over where I have left off and will invite you to Moorcroft again, I think we really benefitted from your message. Thank you again, working with you was a joy and a pleasure.” – Rebecca, Student, WY

“When teens hear Jeff speak, they feel understood, empowered, and inspired!- Student post on Faceboo

“You inspired me to call my dad after 13 long hard year of not having a father. And it was one of the greatest feelings i’ve ever had. Keep doing what your doing man you are awesome.”
- DC Granaman, Student, IA

“I have witnessed firsthand Jeff applying his messages age appropriately for students in grades 6 through 12. One month after leaving our school, staff and students are still talking about Jeff’s presentation from moments of harsh reality of the cruelness we see in our world to the moments of sheer elation and joy in what each of us can do to make a difference in someone else’s life. After his presentations, student asked for his autograph like he was a big rock star.”
- Mary Ann Buchanan, Assistant Principal, Torrington Middle School, Torrington, CT

“His talk was the most important thing I have ever learned while in high school.”
- Kyle, Student, Pennsylvania

“No keynote speaker has ever been as amazing as you! . . . You could go from the funniest thing ever, making people laugh uncontrollably, to the most serious, sad, and emotional story I’ve ever heard; all in an instant and at the exact right moment . . . It was simply amazing.”
- Megan, Student Leader, PA SADD

“In 15 years of bringing speakers to Warwick High School, this was the first time anyone has received a standing ovation from the students.”
- Carole Schmitt, Warwick Valley High School, NY

“The adults were as riveted as the students.”
- Mike Clark, Administrator, Twinfield Union Schools, VT

“It was so refreshing to hear someone who actually understands what’s going on in high schools.”
- Student, Ripley, OH

“His message is clear and the students get it!”
- Jennifer Simpson, Student Council Advisor, Clarion-Limestone High School, PA

“At the end of his presentation, kids were giving Jeff handshakes and hugs with both tears and smiles.”
- T. Kessler, Teacher, South Burlington High School, VT

“One aspect that sets Jeff apart from other speakers is that this isn’t just a job for him, it’s his life.”
- Shannon McNaul, Executive Director, Galaxy Youth Center, Grinnell, IA

“Jeff says what our parents would say if they only knew how. He speaks with us, not at us.”
- High School Senior

“Your message has been the first that is able to make me laugh, cry, and want to change the world.”
- A. Dunn, Student Leader, South Carolina Student Council

“Jeff had the students at Enid High hurting with laughter, but when he paused you could hear a pin drop.”
- Randy McClendon, STUCO Advisor, Enid High School, OK

“I am in my 29th year of teaching and in this time no one had ever this effect on the student body. You can bet that we will all Take Time To Think!”
– Tammy Williams, Teacher, NC

“He has a way of relating to the students that’s second to none. I offer my highest recommendation to any school looking to motivate and reach students.”
– T. Ingarra, Teacher, Newfield High Schoo, Selden, NY

“It was worth more than four years of college!”
– T. O’Rourke, Former Principal, Bishop Nuemann High School High School, Williamsport, PA

“It is rare to find a speaker who knows the teenage should as well as Jeff does. His stories really hit home with the students. Jeff inspired our students to consider their greatest potential.”
- Stacey Reilly, SADD Sponsor, Northwest High School, Germantown, MD

“You were hilarious and inspirational all in one!”
- Michelle Hamilton, GASP Coalition Coordinator, CT

“Jeff reinforced concepts that are not only important to educators but students as well. I can honestly say that Jeff’s presentation was unlike any other that I have attended.”
- Scott Pyy, Assistant Principal, Wareham High School, MA

“We still have students and parents talking about your message.”
- Keith Marshall, Principal, South Central Jr. / Sr. High School, IN

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