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Youth Motivational Speaker Talks Bullying

It seems today that when I speak to High School or Middle School Administrators the issue that comes up is facebook issues involving their students.  Every Monday morning sets the tone for the day as each Principal has to address the issues over their high schools or middle school students and their actions on Facebook.  […]

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3 Reasons Why Teens Attempt Suicide

I sit here nearly four days after hearing about a 7th grader from Michigan commit suicide and succeed in his attempt.  Yesterday, I hear from another high school in Michigan, where there has been 10 suicides in the past three years.  Last year, a school in upstate New York experienced three suicides in three months.  […]

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Notre Dame High School hires Teen Speaker Jeff Yalden

On a warm afternoon, Jeff Yalden gets a phone call from the assistant principal at Notre Dame High School.  She says, “Jeff, I’ve been following your calendar for two years and I’ve wanted to book you, but we are a Catholic High School and we don’t have the budget.”  Jeff is always honored and excited […]

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