Prayers and Condolences to Newtown, CT

As I sit here typing, I wonder, how can anyone be so heartless?  How can someone take the lives of 20 innocent, helpless children?  Having a three-year-old sister myself, I could not bear the thought of such an atrocity.  In the video below, Jeff Yalden addresses what he believes are the three most important things to be learned from this tragedy and offers his prayers and condolences to those affected by a date that turned the lives of Americans upside down.

“Man, I wish I could do something.”  These words brought forth by Jeff are the feelings that most Americans, including myself, felt during this tragic day.  However, Jeff came to the conclusion that the only thing that he could really do is be compassionate.  He could wish that this never happened and say that he is sorry for those affected.  He reaches out with his prayers and thoughts to the affected families, the community of Newtown, and the first-responders that witnessed first-hand what was happening.

Jeff came to the wise conclusion that making the world a safer place should not come down to increased regulation or the reinforcement of religion in public schools; it should come down to parenting.

Many people have come to the conclusion that things like this are occurring because God is not in the classroom.  As Jeff states in the video above, it is not the teacher’s duty to teach religion; doing so disrespects those of other religions and cultures.  The duty comes down to the parents.  Parents need to get more involved in their children’s lives and be parents.  They need to teach their children the values and beliefs that they carry.  Their children need to feel like they have someone to talk to.

Gun control is not the issue at hand either.  It should be the choice of families to determine whether they have firearms in their homes.  The issue we are currently facing is a result of the way children are being raised.  Action must be taken if it is suspected that a child is mentally ill.  As Jeff states, “if we suspect that a child needs help, we [need to] get that child help.  We don’t judge that child.  We don’t disrespect that child.”  We get help so that child can live a normal life.

Jeff is deeply saddened by this event and thanks all the teachers, staff, police officers, firefighters, first responders, and everyone that makes a difference in the lives of others. He thanks all of those that wake up every morning to make the world a better place.  Jeff leaves his friends and fans and those affected by this tragedy with one final statement, “Let’s go out there and do what we can to make the world a better place.  God bless Newtown, Connecticut.  God bless all those families.  My thoughts are present with you.”



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Author:Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker

Youth Motivational Speaker & Teen Life Coach. Since 1992, Jeff Yalden has been mesmerizing audiences with his engaging style and passion. Jeff is a story-teller that every where he speaks, he guarantees he is real and in the moment, perfect for every audience. He is one of a kind. He's interactive and nobody pours as much energy and passion into their programs that Jeff does. Guaranteed, Jeff will be a defining moment and a highlight of your students lives.

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