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Jeff Yalden visits Hilton Head Prep

A Day in the South Carolina Lowcountry: Jeff Yalden Inspires, Empowers and Delivers at Hilton Head Prep Jeff Yalden, the top teen motivational speaker in North America, doesn’t sit still for long. After 25 years of encouraging parents and inspiring teens with his hard-hitting and heartfelt messages concerning all aspects of adolescent and teen life […]

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Bullying: Why it Happens and How to Deal

I am overwhelmed with private messages from girls after they hear me speak, and one of the things that I continually say to them is: Hang on, just hang on. This may not be a great time in your life but hang on, your time is coming. Sometimes they don’t believe me, but then I […]

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Develop a Strong Relationship with your Teen

Develop a Strong Relationship with your Teen Youth motivational speaker and teen author Jeff Yalden discusses tips for parents to maintain a strong relationship with their teens.  Jeff Yalden is the leading authority figure in North America on Teen and Family Life Coaching.  As a teen expert, Jeff Yalden hosts his own radio show, “The […]

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“The Jeff Yalden Show” Friday’s 1-2 PM on WMRC 1490 First Class Radio and On-Demand

Parents are searching for help and answers to today’s complex children being raised in homes by working class parents.  Stop the insanity and relax.  Weather the storm . . . It will be ok! Meet Jeff Yalden a teen expert, parent supporter, teen author, radio show host of “The Jeff Yalden Show”, and one of […]

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A 17-Year Old’s Curfew

So, my daughter wants to know what her curfew should be for Saturday night. It’s homecoming night!! She thinks I’m stupid because you don’t go to the dance and ah . . . Just go home! That is stupid. I guess teens today go to the dance then the formality of the nights takes place. […]

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