Motivational Minutes: I’m a “Try Hard” and Proud

Recently, I was in Montana when I heard the new term, “Try Hard.”  The Principal, Peter Hamilton and I discussed this term and how it is being used.  In short, the motivated students are being brought down to the lesser motivated students as the lesser motivated ones are putting people down for trying too hard.  Obviously this disappointed me and became the theme for my keynote address to Cut Bank High School.

As a Youth Motivational Speaker and Teen Life Coach, I like to think I am accustomed to the terms and phrases that teens use, but this one threw me.  Never heard it used before.  More importantly, I couldn’t believe it was becoming an issue.  When Peter and I were talking he was telling me a story of his son and how his son was concerned about applying himself too much and not being accepted.  He was not wanting others to refer to him as a “Try Hard.”  This would have been intimidating and he was afraid to lose friends.  Understood when you are in 8th grade, right?

I’ve spent 20 years traveling the country and encouraging teens and leadership organizations to be their best and to not worry about what people think, say, or do.  I want teens to be their best in anything they do.  What is a “Try Hard?”  Is it someone that goes to school every day and works their best?  Is it a person that gets involved with extra-curricular activities?  Is a “Try Hard” someone that is respectful to others?  What are the less motivated individuals trying to do?  Are they actually trying to bring the motivated ones down and encourage them to just go through the motions of life?  You weren’t born to be average.

I was born in Long Island, NY and played sports and participated in activities.  I wasn’t an honor roll student, but I did my homework every day and prepared myself for tests and quizzes.  Would I have been classified a “Try Hard?”  Well then, let it be.  I am proud to be a “Try Hard!”  As a matter of fact, I am a “Try Hard” today and every day into my adult life.

Here is three thoughts I have:

1.  Tigers don’t lose sleep over Sheep

2.  Being a “Try Hard” isn’t a bad thing

3.  Compare yourself to nobody . . . Be the best YOU you can be

Here is a video I did for those that are afraid to be a “Try Hard.”  Please enjoy and share.

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