Jeff Yalden Changes Lives at Tiffin Middle School

Tiffin Middle School

Tiffin Middle School

“Well, that was an amazing school.”  These are the words that came from Youth Motivational Speaker and Teen Life Coach Jeff Yalden after visiting Tiffin Middle School in Tiffin, Ohio on Tuesday, April 9.  Jeff spoke with the around 700 students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, all of which he found to be a respectful and special audience.  In addition to the middle school students, around 12 college students were in attendance.

Jeff was brought by the school’s counselor to perform a two-hour assembly in the school’s gymnasium.  Upon entering the gym, many teachers were skeptical, believing that there was no possible way that Jeff could manage to keep hundreds of middle school students calm in the bleachers for two whole hours.

The students of Tiffin MS were greatly inspired by Jeff’s message.

The students of Tiffin MS were greatly inspired by Jeff’s message.

However, Jeff managed to do just this, inspiring both the students and teachers of the school.  A few teachers approached Jeff after the assembly, stating, “Wow, when we heard that you were going to speak for an hour-and-a-half, we thought this was going to be the biggest waste of time because how do you get kids to sit in bleachers for an hour-and-a-half?”

“But as you can imagine, we went two hours in the bleachers and the teachers were amazed at so many different times during the message.  You could have heard a pin drop.”  These words show just how appreciative that Jeff was of the respect and courtesy of those in attendance and how happy he was that he was given the opportunity to share his life messages with them.

Jeff engages in a hands-on workshop with students.

Jeff engages in a hands-on workshop with students.

Jeff reminisces about his visit, stating, “It was just pretty amazing.  It was a fun crowd, absolutely respectful and kind.  It was just a school that was a very special place.”  Jeff is honored that he was able to speak with the students.  Following his assembly, the students were also given an opportunity to attend one of his great workshops, teaching leadership skills in a hands-on setting that will help them for the rest of their lives.

Teen Speaker Jeff Yalden’s assemblies for high schools and middle schools leave an impact on the students long after they end.  Jeff’s message has left a lasting impact on millions of students worldwide and in every state in the United States.  For more information on how you can bring this message to the students of your area, please visit


What The People Are Saying

Thanks we really liked you too and I told Mrs.Mellot that we should have you come back again!!!!! Hahahahahahaha Thanks again and you are very inspirational!!!!
- Jacob Warnement via Facebook

Thank you so much, Jeff, for coming to speak to our amazing students. You are such an inspiration and I know you have touched many lives here at TMS! Your words were very powerful and you’re such a genuine person! Thank you!
- Melissa Walters Mellott via Facebook

You are the best thing that ever happen at are school
- Amber Moore via Facebook

You were probably the best motivational speaker I have ever heard, ever. All the things you spoke about, really made some of us think about things in our life that could change, for the better. After hearing you speak, I will never think of my life the same. I am me. I can’t change my identity, but I can change who I am as a person. I learned to just be me! Not who people want me to be, but who I want me to be. Thank you so much for visiting the Tiffin Middle School! I learned so much!
- Rachel Repp via Facebook

I was holding back tears when @JeffYalden came and spoke to us today. Thank you so much! #soinspiring #lifechanging
- @ThatChickAllysa via Twitter

@JeffYalden You made me change my whole view on life. the questions you asked me today left me thinking. #Thanks for changing my life.
- Kiara Patillo via Twitter

@JeffYalden you are so inspirational to everyone!! Thanks for coming all the way out to tiffin to come talk to us. It was so motivational.
- Rushil Rana via Twitter

Author:Brandon Schmuck, Teen Blogger for Youth Speaker, Jeff Yalden

“I want to put a ding in the universe.” Brandon Schmuck is a senior class president at Rockwood Area High School. He is an ambitious teen with a dream: to change the world. He plans on majoring in electrical and computer engineering and gaining a background in speaking, writing, business, and the arts. He dreams of becoming an influential business leader and changing the lives of millions through his words and products. He is inspired by his parents and his two younger sisters to be all that he can. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar as part of his high school’s jazz band and hitting up the greens during the summer. He loves to write and express his opinion and is an active member of student congress, speech, and Future Business Leaders of America. Online, he has an active presence as a teen blogger for youth motivational speaker, Jeff Yalden, and operates his own personal blog. He enjoys having an impact on those around him and is a member of National Honor Society, Student Council, SADD, and Spanish Honor Society, where he helps at local food drives and school events. Brandon was first inspired by Jeff’s words at Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, where he heard him as a guest speaker. After hearing him, he knew that he had to bring him to his area. Despite the small size of his school, Brandon managed to gather the funding to bring him, while arranging for a neighboring school to come hear him also. Jeff’s words had an enormous impact on his school; students there were inspired to live their lives to the fullest and make the right decisions. Every day as he walks through the halls, he sees the impact that Jeff’s visit had on the students, as many of them continue to carry his messages with them by wearing his t-shirts. Prior to Jeff’s visit, Brandon published an article on his personal blog and his school’s website, describing what he had heard during Jeff’s speech at PFEW and how he managed to raise the funding for his visit. After reading it, Jeff hired Brandon as a teen blogger. Brandon admires the impact that Jeff has on others and hopes to someday carry the same impact himself.

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