Jeff Yalden Battles Nature To Speak With Maumee HS Students

The Students of Maumee Hear Jeff’s Message

The Students of Maumee HS Hear Jeff’s Message

On Thursday, April 11, Teen Motivational Speaker and Youth Coach Jeff Yalden visited Maumee High School in Maumee, Ohio, located outside of Toledo.  Here, he managed to change the lives of students, despite all of the hardships that had been against him.  Canceled flights, inclement weather, and disrespectful students would have been enough to stop most speakers, but this was not enough to keep Jeff from bringing his message to young people.

Maumee High School had scheduled for Jeff to speak in February, but Mother Nature had prevented this from happening.  After Jeff arrived in town, large amounts of snowfall occurred, and school had been cancelled.  Therefore, Jeff was forced to fly home and reschedule the event.

Arriving in Maumee had once again been a nightmare on this rescheduled visit.  Jeff was flying in from Burlington, Vermont.  Because of the heavy rainfall, flights to both Cleveland and Detroit had been cancelled.  Determined to bring his message to Maumee, Jeff finally found a flight into Akron Canton.  He arrived there at 1:30 in the morning.  He then drove to Toledo, arriving around 4:00am.  In four hours, he would be on stage speaking.

Jeff found the students of Maumee to be amazing.  Since his first scheduled visit, they had been all over Twitter.  After being heavily active on social media, Jeff was “real excited to meet them.”

However, Jeff hit another road bump prior to his visit to Maumee; a few kids went to Twitter, where they attempted to cause problems for him.  One kid caused an uproar, trying to seek acceptance.  Another was attempting to be funny and acted unprofessionally towards Jeff.  Because of his behavior, he was not invited to the assembly.

Students gather in Maumee’s state-of-the-art auditorium.

Students gather in Maumee’s state-of-the-art auditorium.

Despite these drawbacks, Jeff still managed to bring his message to the 750 students of Maumee in their gorgeous, state-of-the-art auditorium.  He spoke for an hour-and-a-half, in which he completely mesmerized them.

Following the assembly, Jeff held a leadership conference for Student Council student leaders.  He answered many of their questions and discussed the importance of having character and integrity.

However, after this, one girl had challenged Jeff on his decision to call out the boy in front of the school that had attempted to conflict with him on Twitter.  She wanted him to apologize, but he responded, “I wasn’t going to apologize based on [the fact that] I felt that you got to put the responsibility back where it belongs.”  Both the principal and the counselor, Courtney Roberts, who had brought him in, agreed with his decision.  Jeff states, “I wasn’t going to enable the behavior of this teenager, and I wasn’t going to give him the power.

The girl that had challenged Jeff did not believe him to be the same person offstage as onstage.  He had a 20 minute conversation with her, but knew that she was set on her assumption and could not be convinced otherwise.  However, he applauded her for having the courage to speak up.  Jeff is sorry that this was one of those situations where not everybody liked him, but states, “If everybody does like you, what difference do you make?’

Afterwards, Jeff spoke with Courtney Roberts, who had worked so hard to bring him.  He describes her as “amazing.”  Courtney and Jeff talked with the principal, who agreed with all of Jeff’s actions.  Jeff understands that not everyone will like him for his responses to this occurrence, but he took a real risk to ensure that his actions reflected the words that he spoke onstage, as there was an organization sponsoring the event.  Because of this teenager, it decided to pull out of sponsoring Jeff.  However, the principal still wanted him to speak, so he placed the assembly on his shoulders and covered it.

Jeff is honored and grateful that despite all of the drawbacks, he still managed to bring his message to Maumee High School.  He states, “It went awesome.  It was a great day, [and] the kids were all over Twitter.”  He received a standing ovation and applauds the great school and administrative team for the way that they had welcomed him.

The words of Teen Speaker Jeff Yalden are real and authentic.  Unlike many speakers, he is the same person onstage and offstage, living by the message and values that he teaches.  Jeff’s message has changed the lives of millions of students around the globe, and by booking an assembly at, your students can join them.


What The People Are Saying

Whoever missed Jeff Yaldens speech I really feel bad for you #thatwasamazing #thankyousomuch #jeffyalden @JeffYalden
- Dillon Kline via Twitter

@JeffYalden Thx for the message on compassion and your enthusiasm. Having a lot of good conversations w/ students today.
- Mr. Perrotte via Twitter

@JeffYalden thanks so much for coming to maumee. You have no idea how much you helped me.
- Rachel Majewski via Twitter

@JeffYalden was the first speaker whose speech i didn’t fall asleep through. Thanks for coming to Maumee High School
- @SzymanskiBrooke via Twitter

@AmberSk07269826 @jeffyalden best speaker I’ve ever heard in my life. The stories he tells! Ill never forget the daughter and door one!
- Taylor Eldridge via Twitter

Author:Brandon Schmuck, Teen Blogger for Youth Speaker, Jeff Yalden

“I want to put a ding in the universe.” Brandon Schmuck is a senior class president at Rockwood Area High School. He is an ambitious teen with a dream: to change the world. He plans on majoring in electrical and computer engineering and gaining a background in speaking, writing, business, and the arts. He dreams of becoming an influential business leader and changing the lives of millions through his words and products. He is inspired by his parents and his two younger sisters to be all that he can. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar as part of his high school’s jazz band and hitting up the greens during the summer. He loves to write and express his opinion and is an active member of student congress, speech, and Future Business Leaders of America. Online, he has an active presence as a teen blogger for youth motivational speaker, Jeff Yalden, and operates his own personal blog. He enjoys having an impact on those around him and is a member of National Honor Society, Student Council, SADD, and Spanish Honor Society, where he helps at local food drives and school events. Brandon was first inspired by Jeff’s words at Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, where he heard him as a guest speaker. After hearing him, he knew that he had to bring him to his area. Despite the small size of his school, Brandon managed to gather the funding to bring him, while arranging for a neighboring school to come hear him also. Jeff’s words had an enormous impact on his school; students there were inspired to live their lives to the fullest and make the right decisions. Every day as he walks through the halls, he sees the impact that Jeff’s visit had on the students, as many of them continue to carry his messages with them by wearing his t-shirts. Prior to Jeff’s visit, Brandon published an article on his personal blog and his school’s website, describing what he had heard during Jeff’s speech at PFEW and how he managed to raise the funding for his visit. After reading it, Jeff hired Brandon as a teen blogger. Brandon admires the impact that Jeff has on others and hopes to someday carry the same impact himself.

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