How Much Respect Will Tomorrow’s Generation Have?

dt.common.streams.StreamServerGrab a time machine and travel back a few decades, and you will notice the high levels of respect portrayed by the population.  Fast forward to modern-day civilization, and you will discover that while the majority of people continue to respect one another, more and more people have continued to lose respect for those in authority, those that they interact with on a daily basis, and even themselves.  While the majority of those today continue to respect others and themselves, the number that couldn’t care less is definitely increasing. Why are we seeing these increases, and what can be done to stop them?

While this post is meant to address society as a whole, a few students at Burrillville High School opened Jeff Yalden’s eyes to just how bad the situation is becoming among some minors.  99 percent of this school that he visited on Thursday was grateful that he came to share his real message with them; Jeff was touched that he had the chance to speak to these students.  However, there were a few that made a mockery of his visit.  They decided to speak out and disrespect him for forty minutes straight until he finally kicked them out of the room.  The other 99 percent applauded as their inspirational speaker could now share his message distraction-free.

After his visit to Burrillville High School in Rhode Island, youth motivational speaker, Jeff Yalden, posted on social networks that while he was grateful for all of those that enjoyed his presentation, it’s rare that he has students that disrespect him and try to ruin it.  Not coming to the realization that they did something wrong, these students began to troll this post in an inappropriate manner.  However, in the eyes of their parents, they did nothing wrong; that is why it is questionable whether tomorrow’s society will carry the same respect as yesterday’s and today’s.

Responsibility is gained by being corrected whenever you fault or do something that is wrong.  As a senior in a rural high school, I know what respect is because it was taught to me.  Unfortunately with parents working more and more hours, they have less time to correct their children’s behaviors.  Because they have no knowledge of how their students act when they are not around, they view everything that their children do as perfect.  Jeff thinks that this is wrong, and when he feels that he is being disrespected at an assembly, he will address the issue because he believes that it should be fixed when it starts.  Jeff doesn’t believe that he is a role model, nor Mickey Mouse.  He believes that he is just an average guy that cares about teenagers and proclaims, “I speak to teenagers in a way that I wish someone had spoken to me.”

At 18, Jeff became a father.  While he dearly loves his children, he was far from ready to raise them.  He became a teenage father because no one taught him how to make wise choices.  When someone makes a mistake, he or she must be accountable.  It must be addressed from the beginning or the same mistakes will be committed once again.  Jeff understands that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but it is in society’s best interest to fix these mistakes before they become a real problem.

Whenever Jeff takes part in high school assemblies, he knows that he and the students and staff will have a good time.  However, if he receives disrespect, he is not afraid to call out the students giving it to him.  He does not come to speak over others; he comes to share his message and change lives.  He holds assemblies that are humorous and serious, bringing tears and laughter throughout his visit.

This lack of respect in society is much more than a few students wishing to gain attention while someone else is speaking; it is something that could bring forth many problems throughout American society.  A society where people do not even respect themselves is doomed for failure.  This is not a major threat in today’s world, but if respect continues to dwindle with each generation, the day may come when people cannot even hold conversations.  Parents and teachers are the ones responsible for drilling respect and dignity into the next generation; if they fail to know in the future what respect is themselves, how are the children of the future going to learn it?  Respect is learned by addressing to children what is right and what is wrong.  Parents must not look at their children as if they are perfect; they must look at their children as their parents looked at them when they were growing up.

Jeff Yalden, a youth motivational speaker featured as a teen coach on MTV MADE, knows what respect is and how the problem of disrespect must be faced.  He does not look at his audience as if they are perfect; he looks at them as if they are facing the same problems that he faced as a teenager.  He understands that people make mistakes but knows that they must be fixed to prevent them from occurring again in the future.  If you are in search of a speaker that can relate to teenagers and prevent issues from happening in the future, visit for more information.

Jeff Yalden thanks the students and staff of Burrillville High School for allowing him to share his message.  He is sorry that 1 percent of the students there ruined part of his speech for the other 99 percent.

Author:Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker

Youth Motivational Speaker & Teen Life Coach. Since 1992, Jeff Yalden has been mesmerizing audiences with his engaging style and passion. Jeff is a story-teller that every where he speaks, he guarantees he is real and in the moment, perfect for every audience. He is one of a kind. He's interactive and nobody pours as much energy and passion into their programs that Jeff does. Guaranteed, Jeff will be a defining moment and a highlight of your students lives.

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