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Youth Motivational Speaker for High School Assemblies, 

Middle School Assemblies, and Student Leadership Conferences

A life changing message for High School Assemblies about life, choices, respect, responsibility,
and the wisdom we learn as we get older!

“Long after the lights are out and the auditorium is vacant, my message lingers on!  Hi! I am Jeff Yalden and for the past 20 years, I’ve been the #1 youth motivational speaker in the world.  I’ve addressed more high school assemblies and middle school assemblies than any other teen motivational speaker, ever!   My impact has reached teens in 48 Countries, every US State, and every Canadian Province.  From the streets of America’s most notorious gangs to the most prestigious Schools of Excellence, I’ve been invited to speak in every venue, to every type of youth audience, and I’ve mesmerized them all.  I look forward to the possibilities of working with you and inspiring your next high school assembly, middle school assembly, college freshman orientation, or student leadership conference.

WARNING: I’m ‘real’, my message changes lives!

“I can’t thank you enough for today and how greatly you impacted our kids!!! You are honest and genuine in your approach…characteristics often lacking in many adults’ rapport with teens! Mr. Mapp has already told the other administrators that we want to bring you back!”

Sarah Wade, STUCO Advisor, Marvin Ridge High School, Waxhaw, NC – #1 Ranked High School in North Carolina

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