Everybody at Beaver Lake Has a Buddy

The title of this post is the welcoming motto of Beaver Lake Middle School in Issaquah, Washington.  On Thursday, January 17, International Speaker Jeff Yalden met with the students of this hospitable school.  Jeff was surprised and filled with happiness when he discovered their mascot, a friendly bulldog named Buddy.  More importantly, Jeff was filled with happiness because he had the opportunity to speak with the great students and leaders of this school.  Like Buddy, they were friendly, welcoming, and warm-hearted.

Jeff Yalden was invited to speak at Beaver Lake a year-and-a-half ago by Josh and Michelle, two of the school’s ASB student leadership program advisors.  From the moment Jeff stepped foot out of his car, he felt welcomed by the students there.  As he approached the school, 12 students in the school’s ASB club greeted him.  Dressed in purple, they formed two lines and clapped as Jeff walked through the doors.  He was awed and honored by this.


Beaver Lake Sign

Beaver Lake Sign

Jeff was then escorted to the gymnasium, where he met the principal and assistant principal of the school.  Then, little-by-little, around 900 middle school students flooded the gym, in a manner that Jeff describes as extremely “organized and incredible.”  They then took their seats, where they prepared to have their lives changed.  Jeff was pumped for the show, stating, “There was just great energy as we were getting ready to start.”

Jeff speaking to the students of Beaver Lake

Jeff speaking to the students of Beaver Lake

The audience was a lively and involved one, and even the teachers were involved in the assembly.  Jeff was flattered, as “the teachers were just as engaged as the kids.”  During the assembly, Jeff was excited to hear of Buddy, whom was one of the teachers’ dogs.  Jeff loved how Buddy represented the school, as one of his best friends in the world was Chase, a chocolate lab that he had unfortunately lost last year.  Jeff is a fan of man’s best friend, as no matter what, dogs are there for you.  If you arrive home late at night, your children, wife, or other household members will not be jumping at the door to see you – but your dog will be.

Jeff describes his experience at Beaver Lake as “mesmerizing, great, and really fun.”  The students there were amazing and clearly reflected the motto of their school; they were all buddies and made those that visited their school feel as if they were their friends.

After the assembly, Jeff had the privilege of speaking with about 50 ASB student leaders.  He discussed with them what it means to be a leader and how to be a committed leader.  As he states, he wanted to “teach them to not be complacent but to be the best student leaders they are capable of being every single day.”

Like all of those that Youth Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden visits, the students of Beaver Lake were inspired and taught what it means to be a good leader and an overall good person.  If you would like to turn your students into leaders, visit jeffyalden.com for more information.

The Students of Beaver Lake

The Students of Beaver Lake introduce Youth Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden

Student Responses

‪@JeffYalden‬ Loved your message today! thanks for coming to Beaver Lake. It was great in leadership 3rd period! thanks :) -Annie ‪#jeffyalden‬
-Annie Kurtenbach via Twitter

‪@JeffYalden‬ Thank you for coming to BLMS! I enjoyed your stories very much and they made me laugh!
-@shaygerk via Twitter

You changed my life today. I loved hearing your stories and I’m so happy you were able to come to Beaver Lake!!! ‪@jeffyalden‬
-@GraceStephens1 via Twitter

I really think the ‪@JeffYalden‬ assembly really made a difference in our school. ‪#taketimetothink‬
-BLMS Kindness via Twitter

Thank you sooo much for coming today! (I was the girl who picked up ur button) Your are such an inspiration!
-Sydney Dinglemore via Facebook


Author:Brandon Schmuck, Teen Blogger for Youth Speaker, Jeff Yalden

“I want to put a ding in the universe.” Brandon Schmuck is a senior class president at Rockwood Area High School. He is an ambitious teen with a dream: to change the world. He plans on majoring in electrical and computer engineering and gaining a background in speaking, writing, business, and the arts. He dreams of becoming an influential business leader and changing the lives of millions through his words and products. He is inspired by his parents and his two younger sisters to be all that he can. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar as part of his high school’s jazz band and hitting up the greens during the summer. He loves to write and express his opinion and is an active member of student congress, speech, and Future Business Leaders of America. Online, he has an active presence as a teen blogger for youth motivational speaker, Jeff Yalden, and operates his own personal blog. He enjoys having an impact on those around him and is a member of National Honor Society, Student Council, SADD, and Spanish Honor Society, where he helps at local food drives and school events. Brandon was first inspired by Jeff’s words at Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, where he heard him as a guest speaker. After hearing him, he knew that he had to bring him to his area. Despite the small size of his school, Brandon managed to gather the funding to bring him, while arranging for a neighboring school to come hear him also. Jeff’s words had an enormous impact on his school; students there were inspired to live their lives to the fullest and make the right decisions. Every day as he walks through the halls, he sees the impact that Jeff’s visit had on the students, as many of them continue to carry his messages with them by wearing his t-shirts. Prior to Jeff’s visit, Brandon published an article on his personal blog and his school’s website, describing what he had heard during Jeff’s speech at PFEW and how he managed to raise the funding for his visit. After reading it, Jeff hired Brandon as a teen blogger. Brandon admires the impact that Jeff has on others and hopes to someday carry the same impact himself.

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