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Why does Enterprise Rent A Car feel it necessary to reinvent the wheel? First, I’ll give them major props for being such a professional outfit and pretty much buying monopoly in the Car Rental Business but you drive me nuts. Not just you as in Enterprise but mostly you. I have a problem with Alamo, National, Hertz, Thrifty, Ace (who the heck is Ace … besides my Uncle Vinny’s corrupt new business venture).

Ok . . . Here is the deal. Do you really care why I am here? Do you care what I do, how my day was, etc. Do you really think it is necessary to ask me this every time I come to rent a car from you.

Hint . . . It’s 2:00 am. I am tired because I have been up since 6:00 am and spoke about two hours (one hour of motivational speaking is the equal to an 8 hour work day). So, I’ve done two motivational assemblies about 16 hours worth of work. I traveled in a place I am not familiar with, signed a number of books, took a number of pictures, spoke to more people and saw more faces than I could imagine. I was at a hotel, business meeting, dealt with office issues, phone calls to future and current clients. My day was filled with way more than the average person deals with day to day. I do this every freakin day.

**** I love what I do and that is why I do it. I love working with students and educators and I deal with the everyday because this is way better than having to get a job *******

Back to Enterprise! So, next time I come to the counter and you make me wait in line for 30 minutes at 2:00 am and you totally ignore me don’t for one minute think I want to speak with you about my day, what I do for work, why I am here, do I want insurance because I don’t care if Florida or any other state in this wonderful country is a no-fault state, and blah blah blah . . .

I/we as I speak on the silent majority of the people that aren’t stupid enough like me to say something. We don’t want to be on with you. We don’t want to tell you about our family, our profession, why we are here, what kind of insurance we want to take.

Here is my best advice to you and every rental car company out there. We arrive in not such a great mood. We want a car so we can drive to the hotel or our business meeting because we have to meet stupid people where ever we go. We have to go to the hotel and that is going to be a process too. I just haven’t gone off on them yet and I will because I hate having to check in through a gun shattered window because you are afraid to be robbed at gun point. Yeah, I’ve been there too and that wasn’t fun.

So, Enterprise . . . You do a great job for the retired folk. But, for the business person that visits you 90% of the time. Please just check us in with a friendly smile and we will do the same. Know that we are in a rush and process the paperwork as fast as you can.

After, when I return I will tell you the car was great. I will smile because that is the kind of fat bald guy that I am. I don’t want to take a survey. I don’t want to tell you what you could have done better next time.

Actually, you get paid about $11-$15 an hour. Do you think that I am going to tell you how I think you should run your multi-freakin-million dollar business? Do you think that I think that some hire upper in the main offices of Enterprise rent a car is going to call you and say, “Hey Joe Guy, (just three weeks out of college that took his first job with Enterprise) how was your day? So what are the customers, or should we say clients because we look at them not as customers but they are clients of ours, saying about how can we improve and better serve the average business person? NO . . . He/She doesn’t and will not call you to find out what I had to say. So, let me go and wish me a great day.

If you smile at me and I know I will smile at you because I think life is way too short to not smile. I will greet you, smile, wish you the best, tell you your car was great and we will both go our own ways.

So, what you should do and every other service oriented company in the world should do is (PLEASE TAKE NOTE):

1. Remember that you serve people.
2. People have to use you because they need certain things they are accustomed to like a bed, car, food, clothing, shelter, etc.
3. Serve them with a smile and prompt service.
4. Get them in and out.
5. It’s about numbers.
6. Be proactive and go the extra mile.

It is then and only then that we will be back and we will always remember the great service you provided and the fact that you got us in and out in a rapid fashion.

Thanks for listening as I blabbered my way through this blog. I am sitting on a plane, I have had a BAD day. Yes, motivational speakers have bad days too!!!!!

Most of all, thanks to the youth and educators who let me speak my message. I love you all and appreciate having such an opportunity where I can speak my mind and people actually listen. Or, maybe you don’t listen but you are very respectful.

Author:Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker

Youth Motivational Speaker & Teen Life Coach. Since 1992, Jeff Yalden has been mesmerizing audiences with his engaging style and passion. Jeff is a story-teller that every where he speaks, he guarantees he is real and in the moment, perfect for every audience. He is one of a kind. He's interactive and nobody pours as much energy and passion into their programs that Jeff does. Guaranteed, Jeff will be a defining moment and a highlight of your students lives. www.JeffYalden.com

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