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You will be judged throughout life on how you respond and handle different situations.  I am a proud member and an Officer in our local Harley Davidson Owners Group here on Cape Cod.  It’s called Cape Cod HOG’s.  We are a group of riders that gather for social events and rides throughout the year.  As a Chapter, we are one of the busiest Chapters in all of the Northeast.  Our Chapter is sponsored by Cape Cod Harley Davidson in Pocasset, MA.

I want to share with you what happened today, because I think it represents true leadership and character.  Having said that, I am proud of our Chapter and our sponsoring dealership.

A few months ago, a friend of mine purchased a used motorcycle from Cape Cod Harley Davidson and also purchased the extended warranty.  He thought all was good until recently when he went to have a significant amount of work done on his bike.  A few days later, the dealership called him and said that his warranty was voided because of the year of the bike.  In short, the person that sold him the warranty wasn’t supposed to sell the warranty because of the year of the bike.  This was a mistake on the part of the person selling the bike and he is no longer at the dealership.  You can imagine how my friend felt when he found this out . . . Not happy!

He called up one of the owners of the dealership.  His name is Charlie and said, “Charlie, can we talk about this issue?”  They made an appointment for today . . .

I just got off the phone with my buddy when he told me how the meeting went.  Charlie recognized that the dealership made an error and the person that made the mistake is no longer working there.  Charlie stood behind his product, accepted the mistake was made at his dealership, and offered a solution, while taking responsibility.  The dealership is going to lose some money on this deal, but the dealership did a customer right.  Not only did the dealership do a customer right, but here I am thinking to myself, “WOW!  That is impressive that they are making things right!”  I am very impressed and proud to call this my dealership and I will always continue to purchase and service my bikes through Cape Cod Harley Davidson.

This represents character.  A mistake was made and a customer was angry.  The dealership wants to keep the customer and recognizes the dealership made a mistake.  They are making things right and accepting responsibility.  They are treating this customer like a person and not a number.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all acted as though we were all Charlie’s?  We are not perfect and we will make mistakes throughout life.  However, we apologize and make things right immediately.  I think the dealership could have easily gone the other way.  But, they didn’t!

Thank you Cape Cod Harley Davidson for doing the right thing!

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Author:Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker

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