Attitude of Gratitude: Day Eight

Day Eight of the 28-Day “Attitude of Gratitude” series is all about self-care – and Amazon bestselling author and mental health speaker Jeff Yalden explains this very important topic in Episode 54 of The BOOM Podcast.

Jeff recorded this episode while he was getting ready to fly to Phoenix, Arizona – but he was able to get in a game of golf before he left town.

Yalden Golf Group

The Importance of Self-Care

“Whether you have children, a high-stress job with great expectations and a lot of responsibility, or it’s your family – hey, I get it I know,” he said. But through all the stress and the anxiety with everything that’s going on, [the] one thing that you cannot go without is taking care of yourself.”

Jeff offered the following components of self-care that he feels are critical:

  • Make sure you are eating well. One of the things that contributes to depression is sugar – and even just feeling bloated can trigger an emotional, negative response. Get proper nutrition.
  • Make sure you exercise daily – getting the endorphins up and the blood flowing.

Jeff says that he has not been exercising lately as much as he would like to, but he has been playing golf like crazy.

“That’s something right now that I am enjoying,” he said, adding that he likes the competitiveness of the sport and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather that the Myrtle Beach area has to offer.

Exercise is not too far off his radar, but for now, golf is doing what he needs it to do during such a busy work schedule.

“Even if it’s 40 or 50 degrees where you are and the sun is out, get outside and get a walk in – just a nice, brisk walk. And breathe,” he said.

Try waking up 15 minutes earlier to practice some positive affirmations: “I am strong. I am capable. I deserve great things in life.”

Yalden - Your Life Matters Cover New

Positive behavior + positive attitude = positive outcome.

Negative behavior + negative attitude = negative outcome.

Jeff warns us not to allow a negative outcome to make us victims.

“My friends: You are not a victim. You are a victor,” he said. “Stop being bitter and angry about life or life’s circumstances and choose to become better every single day. That is what we do.”

Remember: Self-care is not selfish. Make time in your day to take care of yourself, whether it’s eating lunch in your car and listening to music or self-help programs.

“Meditate. Breathe. Lower your anxiety. Get involved in yoga or pick up the golf clubs and go swing those sticks,” he said.

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