A Shout Out To The Students of Furnace Brook Middle School

Last Thursday, youth motivational speaker, Jeff Yalden, had the honor of visiting Furnace Brook Middle School in Marshfield, Massachusetts.  In the video above, Jeff wished to let the students and staff of this great school know that he was “honored and excited that [he] had the chance to meet you all.”  He was happy that the students took in his message and that he didn’t embarrass his niece, whom attends this school.  Jeff was very impressed with the teachers, staff, and students at Furnace Brook, and he truly hopes that his path crosses their’s again.

Jeff was disappointed that he did not get the opportunity to tell one of his favorite stories to the 7th and 8th graders.  Just when he was in the middle of telling one of his best tales about the demise of his daughter’s door, he was interrupted by a teacher, informing him that the students had to leave for lunch, and that he was out of time.  While he is not going to let this interfere with the awesome day at Furnace Brook, he felt that the students that missed this story should get the ability to hear it.  In the video above, he tells about the fate of his daughter’s door and how it could have been prevented if she would have taken time to think.

High School Motivational Speaker - Jeff Yalden

High School Motivational Speaker – Jeff Yalden

The tale of Jeff’s daughter’s door begins when she trudges through his house angrily and slams her bedroom door behind her.  When this occurred, his entire home shook (and let it be noted that it is as sturdy as it gets.  Jeff built his house himself!).  No one interrupts the peace in Jeff’s house and when he heard this loud noise, he confronted her at her bedroom door.  She screamed “GET OUT!” and slammed the door on him.  After this occurred numerous times, Jeff walked to his garage, where he picked up his screwdriver (just in case things got bad).  However, he got a better idea then when he saw his chainsaw lying there.  Because he built his home, he figured that he would have no problem fixing it.  He proceeded to his daughter’s room, pulled the choke, pushed the emergency lever forward, grabbed the cord, and pulled it harder than anything he ever pulled in his life.  He felt more empowered than ever before.

You can probably guess what happened next.  For the next 3 1/2 months, Jeff’s daughter was without a door.  The point of this story is not that Jeff cut down his daughter’s door with a chainsaw; it is that this was the result of bad choices on his daughter’s part, and it could have easily been prevented.  She did not listen to what he said, and he gave her numerous chances to tell him that she understood that doors are not slammed in his house.

The true moral of this story is that “we need to put the responsibility back where it belongs.  Our choices and attitude in life determine where we are going.”  If Jeff’s daughter would have taken time to think and made the choice to calm down and listen to her father, she would not have went without a door.  Staying calm, cool, collected, and in control can change every aspect of your life and determine whether you have a bedroom door the next morning.

Jeff wanted to once again thank the students and staff of Furnace Brook Middle School for allowing him to speak.  He is sorry that the 7th and 8th graders missed this great story but is glad that he could share it with them online.  Jeff wanted to once again applaud the 8th grade football players for their Superbowl win and the cheerleaders for their hard work.  Jeff’s visit to Furnace Brook was “absolutely fantastic” and a great honor that he will not forget.  Jeff wishes everyone at Furnace Brook a happy Thanksgiving and hopes to see them in the future.

If you would like to bring the words of international teen speaker, Jeff Yalden, to your high school or conference, please visit jeffyalden.com.  The story of Jeff’s daughter’s door is just one of many of the meaningful stories that Jeff tells that engages teenagers and changes the way they live their lives.

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