A Man’s Best Friend . . . His Dog!

A Man's Bestfriend . . . His Dog!

I am feeling a little sad tonight and this makes me wish I were home.  As much as I look forward to my speaking engagement tomorrow, I am wishing I were home.

I remember the day nearly 12 years ago when my wife and I looked at the litter of dogs.  He was the one that was all chocolate and I picked him up and looked in his eyes.  It was then that he pee’d on me . . . I knew then that we were meant to be together.

We named him Chase!  Since then, we’ve been best friends and I always look forward to coming home, because Chase is always happy to greet me.

Chase loves to eat nylon socks.  He doesn’t chew on them, he EATS them and we are always finding them in the yard.

Well, recently while staying with friends while we were in Hawaii, he got into our friends nylon socks and ate a pair or one of them.  He’s been having a lot of trouble passing the nylon sock through his system.  Today, we took him to the vet and he still had his appetite so the vet wasn’t too concerned.  Then, when my wife got home and let Chase int he yard, he tried so hard, but couldn’t poop.  He stayed there and looked like he needed help.  Then, when dinner was presented to him, he wouldn’t even eat.  A lab that doesn’t eat is unheard of.  Have you ever heard of a lab that doesn’t want his food?  That is when you know something is wrong.

My wife is awesome and is so much better than I am with the dog.  She can handle this and take care of his needs, while I sit there and nearly cry like a baby.

Tomorrow, she will see if he eats in the morning.  If not, she will take the day off from school and immediately take him back tot he vet for surgery.  He’s 12 and this saddens me.

I wish I could be home and hold my dog . . . Thank you Marsha for being so awesome!  Wish I can be there with you.

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Author:Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker

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