A 17-Year Old’s Curfew

So, my daughter wants to know what her curfew should be for Saturday night. It’s homecoming night!! She thinks I’m stupid because you don’t go to the dance and ah . . . Just go home! That is stupid. I guess teens today go to the dance then the formality of the nights takes place. So, what time should she be home?

Let’s take a look at this -

1. Cinderella had to be home at what time?
2. Nothing good happens after what time?
3. The new day starts and the one we are in ends at what time?

The answer is Midnight!!!!! Isn’t that a decent curfew for a high school senior? I don’t really care what time her friends have to be home. I don’t care that people are going to a friends house for a party. I care about what you are doing, you being on the road at a certain hour, you being safe, and me knowing at all times where and what you are doing.

So, having said that I am making the curfew midnight . . .

Now that I have put all this thought into the night I have come to realize that they are all staying at a friends house so I don’t have to worry anymore.

I know what you are thinking too . . . “Sure Jeff, she’s staying at a friends house.” Yes, she is because I called her friends mothers and got the scoop from them what they are doing and if they had any thoughts.

The girls are going out and they have to be home at midnight.

MIDNIGHT is a great curfew for high school seniors. Here is my thought for all ages:

5-6 Grade – 9:00 pm
7-8 Grade – 10:00 pm
9 Grade – 10:30
10 Grade – 11:00
11 Grade – 11:30
12 Grade – Midnight

Enough Said!!!!!!!

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Author:Jeff Yalden, Youth Motivational Speaker

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