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Teen Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Expert responds to yet another Teen Suicide

Yalden Responds To Another Suicide Jeff Yalden spoke to a standing ovation audience at Salem High School on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, but one young lady wasn’t in school.  That evening that young lady became the 7th suicide in one calendar year.  Yalden was torn apart wishing that maybe had she been there his words […]

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Teen Suicide Prevention Expert Visits Salem, IL

SALEM – Marion County has seen more than its fair share of teen suicides over the past 12 calendar months with now 7 reported cases in that time plus more losses of young people due to accidents.  In response, South Central and Salem High Schools welcomed motivational speaker and teen suicide prevention advocate Jeff Yalden […]

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How to Raise Self-Esteem in 30 Seconds a Day

I want to help you raise your self-esteem in only 30 seconds a day. “You’re not good enough!”  Have you ever heard that?  “You’re fat!”  Have you ever heard that?  Have you ever started to believe in what others are saying?  Let me help you believe what you are saying, not what others are saying. […]

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Schools are Not Responsible for Teen Suicides caused by Bullying

Teen expert and mental health professional, Jeff Yalden says, “Schools should not be held liable for teen suicides and if they are you are going to lose more great teachers and educators because this is a responsibility they shouldn’t have to undertake.” Another Indiana community braves the weather to get their questions answered as Youth […]

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A Simple Way to Make Better Life Choices

All teens and youth want to know how to make better life choices, right?  Youth Speaker and Teen Life Coach Jeff Yalden makes it really simple for you. TAKE TIME TO THINK. I wouldn’t be taking the time to say this if I didn’t think it was necessary. Hey – just make the right choice. […]

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Opening Hearts and Touching Lives at JHS 194. What Students Are Saying About Teen Speaker Jeff Yalden

After his speech to a group of high school students in Whitestone, NY, Teen Speaker Jeff Yalden received a kind letter from a student thanking him for opening her heart. The letter was shared on Instagram and the comments came pouring in: @paula455: Someone who has never been disappointed has no experience. That’s one of the […]

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What You Need to Know About The Dangers of The New Teen Drug Molly {Jeff Yalden Radio Show}

In this special episode, Teen Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden speaks with special guest Jay Ball, a detective with the Milford Police, about the new drug that kids are seeking to use at parties – Molly. In this show you will learn what Molly is, how to know if your teen is using it, how much […]

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Self-Improvement for Teens – How to Be Your Best Every Day

Teens are struggling today with too many expectations and pressures from parents and peers that self-improvement isn’t on their radar as they just focus on dealing in the now of life. 4 Self-Improvement Tips for Teens To Set Up Their Day For Success: Some say that 80% of your success is just showing up. I […]

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Inspirational Letter from a High School Student.

Hi Jeff, I am a high school senior and I wanted to thank you for speaking at our school. At the beginning of this year I finally got the courage to tell my parents that I have been suffering from depression the past 4 years so they sought counseling for me. Two days after we […]

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Bullying: Why it Happens and How to Deal

I am overwhelmed with private messages from girls after they hear me speak, and one of the things that I continually say to them is: Hang on, just hang on. This may not be a great time in your life but hang on, your time is coming. Sometimes they don’t believe me, but then I […]

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